One who dresses;acts;or speaks according to "whats in". They are the ones who wore parachute pants in the 70's, the the ones who wore tide dye shirts in the 80's, the ones who wore chains and black clothing in the 90's, the ones who wore baggy cloths/sports attire in the 20's, and now the ones that wear bright colored shirts with nerd glasses and skinny jeans. They are sometimes referred to as "Hipsters", "Douches" or "followers".
Jerkers , 1 steppers , techno listeners, trash bird
by RogDER February 24, 2011
Top Definition
When it's windy out, plastic bags, anything man made that can take to the sky in a gust is a trashbird.
"Wholly shit, I can't believe how high that plastic bag trashbird got off the ground, ahhh, now it's wrapped around a tree."
by Ricksong December 27, 2009

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