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Noun; a type of trade in fantasy sports when one team beats the other team clearly in a trade. Derived from the terms trade and rape.
Seamo: Great trade Mitch

Mitch: Thanks, it was a hard deal to get done

Seamo: But now my team will never be as good as yours because of that trape you just made.
by Girzzlies January 22, 2011
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Tickle rape. Considered a very effective form of foreplay.
Did you trape your sister? That's borderline incest...
by TipsyGirl June 03, 2011
Text rape - similar to Facebook Rape or 'Frape'
"Dave has just sent me a text telling me he wants to butt-fuck me!"

"Nah! I guess he left his phone lying around and someone traped him!"
by Steve Sputnik February 25, 2012
To be raped by a tramp or homeless person. Tramp rape = trape.
i was walking home from the pub shitfaced and i got ambushed and traped
by conibroughblade May 29, 2009
the act of being twitter rapped. Like being frapped but with a twist.
Joe: did you see Bens tweet yesterday? wtf man...

Jake: Na man, he had the guys round he just had some heavy trape on his ass.

Joe: oh so he didn't actually donkey punch his mum...
by verbearvez May 09, 2010
To tape & rape; to abuse of someone sexy/someone trapable.
James' smirk makes him drop-dead gorgeous...I wanna trape him!

Pete's tattoo is really sexy...think he'll let me trape him?

What Brendon said right there, was a total turn-on - let's take turns traping him.
by sweetnsour39 July 31, 2006
To be physically owned, shamed, or beaten.
Napoleon tried to do a sweet jump on Pedro's bike, but he got totally traped.
by Kate M May 15, 2005

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