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One an androgynous/gender confused nature who looks like he came from Transylvania. Often a skinny high schooler who tries hard to look gothic or emo.
Person 1 "You see that person over there?"
Person 2 "Which one?"
Person 1 "The freaky looking man woman over there with the goth makeup."
Person 2 "Oh that thing. Yea, that's a transylvestite"
by M.C. Whitey Mc White White October 09, 2011
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(n) Half Human, Half Vampire
2) Being the twisted, bloodhungry spawn of humans and vampires
3) Having undergone any surgical procedure in order to become a vampire (humans only)
Dude! I just got back from my canine extension appointment at the dentist's, Now I can be a transylvestite for every Halloween from now on!
by shamr0x0r October 21, 2010
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