A deluded teenage girl who thinks being an FTM transsexual is a really fun game. Often uses the phrase "identity police" towards actual transsexuals.
This person loves their vagina but they think playing video games makes them a man. What a transtrender!
by itsmehello January 31, 2013
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A transtrender is a person who identifies as male or female but does not experience any gender dysphoria. It can also mean someone who identifies as male or female because they think it's trendy/cool.
Person A - OMG I wanna be a boy now because I saw this really cool FTM on youtube.

Person B - *sighs* another Transtrender
by Etchers January 31, 2013
A derogatory label used by a transgendered person to attack, insult or degrade another transgendered person. The implication being that the other person isn't a REAL transgender because they don't want to get surgery or hormone therapy to change their gender.

Basically it's members of a discriminated-against minority attempting to discriminate against, and one up each other.
Transgendered blowhard: "I can't believe she has the nerve to say that she feels uncomfortable in her body and wishes she was a man! She won't even have surgery done to give herself a fake dick! She's obviously just in it to look cool. What a transtrender."

Normal person: "Dude, why would anyone think it's trendy or desirable to be part of a misunderstood and ostracized gender minority? Maybe she just doesn't feel the need to take things as far as you have? Why can't you respect her choices?"

Transgendered blowhard: "Shut up, I'm trans, you're not, and I speak for my entire community!"
by We Fought a Zoo October 04, 2012

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