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A made-up synonym of "transtrender" created by a transtrender. If you are a white American who wants to feel just as oppressed as a real person who feels crushing dysphoria every day and experiences horrible persecution but you have absolutely no desire to be the sex opposite that which you were born with with even less of a desire to transition and the thought that this may be frowned upon by some enrages you, this word may describe you! Oh wait, that's transtrending.
Some fucktard made up the word "tucute". What a fucktard.
by ullr-h June 30, 2014
A stupid definition of people who say they're "%100 accepting of anyone who is trans" but constantly put down trans men, autistic trans people, and "truscum" (the term for people who believe you need to have dysphoria to be trans.)
"I'm tucute because I think anyone can be trans!!"
by AgenderRoyalty October 04, 2014
That little bit of poop at the end that won't come out and is really uncomfortable.
Tucutes are potentially the most annoying thing any human being has ever experienced.
by NightmareStag March 08, 2015
Someone who believes that gender dysphoria is not necessary to be transgender. May or may not be transgender themselves. The term was supposedly coined by infamous Tumblr user idislikecispeople, who has since changed her URL.
Tucute ideology is often criticized for trivializing trans issues and making trans people seem like jokes.
by MysticalMorgan June 04, 2015
Tucute is the opposite of truscum.
We’re cute trans people, 100% accepting of everyone who is trans, and will not make fun of someone for using nounself pronouns, will not judge you for having/not having dysphoria, and we love all gender identities no matter what.
I'm tucute because I oppose truscum.
by idislikecispeople June 02, 2014
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