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A transtrender is a person who identifies as male or female but does not experience any gender dysphoria. It can also mean someone who identifies as male or female because they think it's trendy/cool.
Person A - OMG I wanna be a boy now because I saw this really cool FTM on youtube.

Person B - *sighs* another Transtrender
by Etchers January 31, 2013
A deluded teenage girl who thinks being an FTM transsexual is a really fun game. Often uses the phrase "identity police" towards actual transsexuals.
This person loves their vagina but they think playing video games makes them a man. What a transtrender!
by itsmehello January 31, 2013
One who creates a ridiculously specific non-binary gender identity for themselves, and often repeatedly changes it, because it's seemingly the trendy thing to do. Often found on Tumblr.

Theoretically, they should be easy to criticise because what they do trivialises the struggles of people who are actually transgender. However, in practice, they are above criticism because calling them out on their bullshit often results in you being called a bigot.
I just read the Tumblr blog of someone who calls themselves a demiboy, genderfucked transqueer. Another fucking transtrender.
by NotQuiteAnother December 20, 2014
A transtrender is a person (usually between the ages of 9 and 18) who calls themselves a transgender person because they think it makes them cool or special. Transtrenders never experience disphoria transphobia or opression, and often identify as "otherkin." They also usually use ridiculous, impracticle neopronouns or nounself pronouns, and often the gender they identify with isn't even a valid gender (e.g. "stargender", "ferngender"). Transtrenders are basically gender-onforming cisgender people pretending to be transgender and using different pronouns because they think it makes them special, and want to be able to say that they are oppressed by being in the transgender community because they think it makes them look cool. Transtrenders are incredibly disrespectful to real transgender people, making a mockery of what transgender people experience, invalidating the problems and hurt that real transgender people face, and turning these people's identity into a fashion trend.
Real trans person: I have worked very hard to get the people around me to use my preferred name and pronouns (e.g. she/her or they/them). I experience crippling dysphoria every day as well as being constantly discriminated against and mocked by my peers.

Transtrender: Yeah! Like on tumblr this one time someone called me "they" instead of fairself!!!! Us stargender faerkin so oppressed!!! Like this post if you agree with me!! If you don't you're transphobic trash!!!
by transapple March 02, 2015
The typically female, present-day equivalent of what every other "bisexual" girl in the 00's actually was. (A straight white privileged girl who wanted to seem ~edgy~.) Can be identified by constant rants about being the target of unspecified "oppression" by cispeople, or blaming unrelated failures like flunking out of college on their evil parents/exes/doctor/boss/teacher/the system/their ADD/etc.
The transtrender wears push up bras and lipstick, dates cismen, uses the women's bathroom, and then rants about how oppressed she is as a trans person.
by lgtbqueenforaday May 11, 2016
A derogatory word used against some trans people because the person using said word doesn't accept the trans person's identity (because, of course, they know ALL ABOUT someone else's gender identity). Used out of a failure to understand that gender is a social construct, and you can identify as any gender.
Also used against fake troll blogs on tumblr (that identify as fairies, moons, trees, etc.) by people who are so busy trying to make a point to trans people that they don't get realise they're being trolled.
Urgh, those stupid transtrenders are only pretending to be trans! I don't know them at all, but I know that they aren't really trans!
by Or Not March 30, 2015
A derogatory label used by a transgendered person to attack, insult or degrade another transgendered person. The implication being that the other person isn't a REAL transgender because they don't want to get surgery or hormone therapy to change their gender.

Basically it's members of a discriminated-against minority attempting to discriminate against, and one up each other.
Transgendered blowhard: "I can't believe she has the nerve to say that she feels uncomfortable in her body and wishes she was a man! She won't even have surgery done to give herself a fake dick! She's obviously just in it to look cool. What a transtrender."

Normal person: "Dude, why would anyone think it's trendy or desirable to be part of a misunderstood and ostracized gender minority? Maybe she just doesn't feel the need to take things as far as you have? Why can't you respect her choices?"

Transgendered blowhard: "Shut up, I'm trans, you're not, and I speak for my entire community!"
by We Fought a Zoo October 04, 2012
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