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Synonym for transvestite.
I took that bitch home looking forward to smashing until I caught IT peeing standing up. Fucking transtesticle!
by Gay Basher November 23, 2004

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cross-dresser gay transgendered transsexual transvestite
Transtesticle (Noun)

A Transtesticle is a woman who has had a sex change and now has a thong dong. Transtesticles can usually be found trying to slam beers with the guys at a local bar, arm wrestling, and like flannel shirts.

Transtesticles are also known as: manginas, thong-dongs, switch hitters, and have many other names
Transtesticles enjoy booty busts.
by Bastardfeet88 July 20, 2014
synonym for, transgendered; transvestite, transsexual, cross-dresser.
I love taking it in the ass from those transtesticles!
by thetrannysexlover December 25, 2009