N. Persons born of a different hair color but define themselves as a ginger in hair color and spirit.
Person: Where you born a red head?

Transginger: I was born a brunette, but I have always felt that something was not right. I should have been a ginger.
Person: Oh... So you're a Transginger. It suits you.

In researching the famous and talented Lucille Ball, I am convinced that she is and always will be the most prominent Transginger in history.
by Morning Rose June 30, 2013
Top Definition
A person who is naturally of a ginger haired disposition, and now conceals the true colour of his/her head hair with chemical colouring.
"Wow look at that blonde chick shes really hot"...
"Yeah but check out her pubes, shes a transginger"
by LeTRJ January 04, 2009
Someone who dyes their hair red.
Anna: Wow Mollie I love your hair, but I don't remember it being this red...
Mollie: Well, I'm kind of a transginger....
by molliegirl April 22, 2012
A person who has blonde, fair or dark hair on their head, but sports glorious ginger pubes on their face slash nether regions.
Things were warming up between me and this chick, but when I stripped down and she saw I was Transginger she ran away screaming. And laughing.
by pmdawn June 05, 2015
A person with natural red hair who dyes it.
Austin:I thought Bryce had red hair? Eric: he did but he decided to dye it brown so he's a transginger
by babieafro July 22, 2016
Someone who has the colour ginger as their natural hair colour but dyes it.
"That girl is transginger, look at her roots!"
by Ginger transginger hair colour December 03, 2015
A person who dyes their hair red or any variations thereof. They are truly Gingers but born with the wrong hair color.
"I am glad Krystal could accept herself as transginger. She looked horrible as a blonde.
by Snow Queen of the Night March 31, 2015
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