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N. Persons born of a different hair color but define themselves as a ginger in hair color and spirit.
Person: Where you born a red head?

Transginger: I was born a brunette, but I have always felt that something was not right. I should have been a ginger.
Person: Oh... So you're a Transginger. It suits you.

In researching the famous and talented Lucille Ball, I am convinced that she is and always will be the most prominent Transginger in history.
by Morning Rose June 30, 2013
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A person who is naturally of a ginger haired disposition, and now conceals the true colour of his/her head hair with chemical colouring.
"Wow look at that blonde chick shes really hot"...
"Yeah but check out her pubes, shes a transginger"
by TnTBulldog January 04, 2009
46 29
Someone who dyes their hair red.
Anna: Wow Mollie I love your hair, but I don't remember it being this red...
Mollie: Well, I'm kind of a transginger....
by molliegirl April 22, 2012
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A transgendered ginger.
Random Person #1: Look at that transginger over there!

Random Person #2: What the hell is a transginger?

Random Person #1: A transgendered ginger, duh!!
by PiercedxSkull April 04, 2012
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