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An advanced dishwashing technique where you slowly drain the sink and turn the faucet on. This dilutes the water, thus making it less dirty. Add some more soap and VOILA!! Improved dishwater. Used when there are a lot of dishes but the dishwasher doesn't want to waste time draining and refilling the sink, thus allowing them to wash the dishes nonstop, which speeds up the process. Also used to extend the life of the dishwater when the restaurant is about to close to make it last until close.
New Employee: This water is really gross. Shouldn't we change it??

Veteran Employee: Nah. Just give it a transfusion.

New Employee: Isn't that kinda gross??

Veteran Employee: I can tell you're new. In time you'll learn that you aren't paid enough to care.
by Starman Deluxe August 03, 2010
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an incredible mixed drink comprised of ginger ale, grape juice and vodka

amounts of each may vary
Hey bartender, Can I get a transfusion please...
by Wonderous Drink Menu September 01, 2010
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A sexual act between two females where they scissor each other while one female is on her period.
Wow, that was a great transfusion last night, I came so hard, and my iron count is up!
by ranchero March 28, 2015
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Tranfusion: wondering what sex one should be.
He was a bit transfused until he figured out his sexual identity.

He's wearing both men and women's clothes, he's suffering from a bit of transfusion.
by dERvMD February 24, 2017
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