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The act of having sex with a woman on her period, not taking a shower and then having sex with a different woman.
Dude, I was hitting my girlfriend even though she was on her rag when her husband busted in the door before I could nut so I went to my other ho's crib and gave her a blood transfusion.
by Obvy January 06, 2010
Slang for vagina or pussy, often large and loose.
Man, her gasm-chasm was huge!
by Obvy February 15, 2010
The act of having sex with a woman, pulling out before you ejaculate then having an orgasm on her breasts. The final coup de gras is to urinate your name onto your splooge.

Credit to Special Ed of A Whole Lotta Rosie
Man, my ho wanted me to last longer so I pulled out and tried to hold off but I came. She didn't like it so I showed her by pissing on a snowcap.
by obvy January 13, 2010

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