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The religion in which the followers believe that all beings must abide by the rule of Optimus Prime and must be against the Decepticons. Followers believe not that the world was created by Autobots, but that the discovery of the All-Spark and Megatron greatly influenced the development of the world as we know it.

The Five Commandments of Transformism:
1. Thou shalt not insult Bumblebee because of his small stature.
2. Thou shalt believe that Megatron is a homosexual.
3. Thou shalt believe that a car chooses it's driver.
4. Thou shalt believe that the Hoover Dam was constructed to conceal the All-Spark.
5. Thou shalt believe Optimus Prime is "The Man".
After watching Transformers, I realized that transformism is a great religion.
by Michelle Byrd November 11, 2007
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