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There's more than meets the eye.
Transformers, robots in disguise.
by The Dalai Lama April 22, 2007
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A transformer is an electronic device generally containing two copper wires coiled around an iron core.

There are many types of transformers with different sorts of uses.

Some transformers are used for isolating components such as a microphone from the amplifier so that if you plug in the wrong thing, it may prevent damage. This also filters out DC current.

Others such as the kind you see on a powerline or inside a TV change the Current/Voltage Ratio and is read like this for example: 1:2,1:30,1:4...ect.

This device works by transfering energy from one coil of wire to the other via a magnetic field.

A flow of electricity is made in the oppisite wire when the field generated by the other coil expands or contracts.

Note that only AC current can travel through a transformer, that, or a DC current being switched on and off.
Transformers are widely used in all sorts of electronics.
by Weylin6 January 02, 2008
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a Transexual person. It looks like a beautiful woman from afar but up close transforms to a man.
Guy 1: Holy crap dude..I had a scary experiance last nite.

Guy 2: Dude what happened?

Guy 1: I saw this really hot chick at the bar, we drank a few beers and things started getting kinda hot and heavy..so we went to her place and.....

Guy 2: and what happened dude....

Guy 1: It turned out she was a TRANSFORMER!!...so I got the hell outta there scared shitless...

Guy 2: DUDE!!! you didn't have to run...I wasn't gonna hurt you....
by ArchangelG October 13, 2010
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A girl that looks really hot from a distance, but as she gets closer, she transforms into an ugly ass bitch.
Transformers, uglies in disguise..."
by jackbauer133 November 27, 2009
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A Female Human who has the ability to somehow morph her looks from totally hot to totally ugly.
Jack: I took out that chick Debbie from accounting last night, what a letdown.

Mike: Oh man, she is so hot, how was it a letdown?

Jack: Nah man, not hot at all, shes a Transformer.

Mike: That Sucks.
by The Batman1 September 17, 2009
4 3
(The motion picture produced back in 2007)

A dumb fucking movie where the action scenes are so shaky you can't even tell what's going on. Also the acting of shai leboeuf makes the movie unbearable to watch for some people.
Dude: DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see transformers?

Other: Yeah, it sucked hard eh?

Sheeple dude: What?
by bluemuffin May 29, 2009
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When driving behind someone (most of the time elderly), and their silhouette is not visible from your point of view, giving the impression that the car is being driven by itself.
I was driving on I-95 when this car cut me off. I saw it was a transformer so I sped past and blasted the driver with obscenities.
by BVH1286 June 29, 2010
9 9
While having intercourse doggy style with a woman(vaginal or anal), when you're about to ejaculate, scream "'Insert name' TRANSFORM!" And rollover and land on your back.
I totally pulled a Transformer on her last night, dude!
by WolfPack1794 February 02, 2011
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