a botched sex change operation.
Perry went in for his gender reassignment surgery, and man, the result was quite a Tran Wreck.
by Walter and Gin January 14, 2006
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poorly appointed transvestite. More closely resembling a burly man than fabulous woman
That tranwreck sported a large adam's apple, greasy hair, and a five o'clock shadow!
by Wild Will G November 14, 2009
A woman who is so grossly overdone that she looks like man trying to be a woman.
Christina Aguillera looked like a tranwreck on last night's The Voice.
by Q of I December 18, 2012
A cold-hearted, inconsiderate, dyslexic douchebag with a 14-inch long dildo that accomodates for their extremely small penis, which should be nicknamed prick. With their ginormous didlo they penetrate peoples self-esteem and confidence in order to feed their own insecurities.
That guy is failing at life, he must be such a Tranwreck
"All I said was your shoes look as red as my mom's homegrown cherries!" *Unsheathes monsterous dildo*
by SaltyMarmalade August 14, 2011

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