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A tramp who is small in stature (think Thumbilina meets Paris Hilton)


Term of endearment for promiscuous friends.
They must have made slutty clothes in kids sizes for that Trampolina.
by FireBox June 28, 2006
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Adjective - An above average looking chickenhead, who is good at dancing (combination of tramp and ballerina)
Yo, you see that trampolina once the Akon song came on... someone is definitely going to smash her
by Who Wants a KJ? November 26, 2010
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(noun)1. A word to describe a female trampoline, because if the trampoline is male it would have a big dick in the middle of it for people to bounce on.
Lets jump on that trampolina and bounce the fuck out, yo!

Dude, you don't own a trampolina because yours has that big dick you superglued on it.
by Gene the fiend July 10, 2008
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