very large tattoo found on the lower back of a female, just above the buttocks
"Hey Tim, check out that girl's tramp stamp."
by amandagies October 29, 2007
The Tatto found on the lower back of a Skank
Don't touch that whore! check for the Tramp Stamp!
by TurdChaser March 13, 2008
the visable tattoo on a womans lower back, normally seen when a muffin top is being worn.
'look at her with her tramp stamp, its horrible'
by josh - urban definer November 02, 2007
1. a tattoo on the lower portion of a woman's back that hints at sexual promiscuity
2. a womans tongue piercing that hints at very good oral sex
Wow, that girl is such a slut, she has TWO tramp stamps! If you hang with her, you're gona get laid for sure.
a tatoo a woman has just above her ass. It labels her as easy, a tramp or a slut. It is incrediblly distastefull and classless in my opinion. Let women act like women!!!!!
The tramp stamp is disgusting and I will never date a girl who has one. I like girly girls.
by krock1dk October 13, 2007
Had lots of sex with women who had these, and a lot of women who didn't, some with tatoos behind the ear. Not one of the bitches I slept with who had a tatto above their ass was worth two shits, skanky, foul mouthed, no class or STANDARD morals, Usually pretty dumb, immature, had a few kids in need of some therapy, 2 or 3 exhusbands, and not worth any emotional investment, frankly it makes me sick, after countless encounters to prove it, I will not sleep with a stamped bitch even if i'm plastered a hole in the wall would be better. tattoos are not bad in other areas but stamps are just sick, not science, its experience even I had my doubts at first but there is just no denying it now.
out of many I, my friends, or famly, not one Tramp Stamp Hoe was worth a damn and thats alot, need no more example than that, fun for a night when your young and dumb but definatley a deal breaker when your wiser
by Billy Jooo January 19, 2010
An annoying tattoo, usually written in a obscure language (like Sanskrit), located directly above a woman's ass-crack.
Christina said her Sanskrit tatoo isn't a tramp stamp because it says something meaningfull, but it probably just says "Hit That" in Arabic.
by D. Sanchez 117 December 02, 2010

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