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That person who knows everything about anything. Mostly sports. Tramaines are really smooth,laid back and funny.
Appears Cool for no apparent reason. Always surrounded by a group of friends.

Never phased by the outside world.
"Oh Tramaine, stop being so cool already"
by urbanhouse101 January 24, 2013
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Super Cool and down to earth and down for whatever.Most of them are beautiful and come is different shades of chocolate.Very attractive!

If they love you know that its REAL", If they hate you Run!
"Tramaine is kool as hell"
"Respect that"
by myworld January 28, 2013
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Jet Black yacky having, Flannal shirt wearing, no front teeth having, always cold-needing a jacket girl who is never uotspoken
I thought i saw Al Boreland today, but it was a girl being tramaine!
by DCamp the Champ November 09, 2010
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