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A description of a person's face, in which it seems obvious that he/she may have grown up in a trailer home.
Bad teeth, sunken cheeks, parents probably were on drugs. A "Trailerface" may be otherwise good looking. Similar to the infamous "Butterface."
by jamels August 21, 2007
when a person looks like he or she grew up in or lived in a trailer. usually hard looking or ugly.
that girl has a definite trailer-face
by theo rio August 27, 2009
The facial structure that a certain lower socioeconomic group of people tend to genetically pass throughout their pack.

Traits include: Prominent pointed chin or vanishing chin, high cheek bones, thin lips and wide-set eyes
Reference: Gretchen Wilson and most Mountain folk

Example of Proper Usage: That's really unfortunate. She's sweet but has such trailer face, bless her heart.
by Sort_of_a_big_deal March 03, 2011
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