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A person whom is so irresistible that you are willing to:

1) live in a trailer with said person
2) have copious amounts of babies with said person

and do it for the rest of your life because they're that worth it.
"Jack Johnson is so talented and amazing. He is my trailerbaby."


"You'd have to be high on crack to make George Bush your trailerbaby."
by Puchley March 30, 2008
An offensive name for a girl who has an undeniable attraction to red-neck men. Synonym's for "Trailer Baby" are as follows: Trailer trash, White trash and hood-rat. Trailer Babies can often come across as clingy, desperate and willing to settle for any red-neck man; most likely bottom-feeding, Southern accented, truck-loving, cussing and uneducated men that live a red-neck stereotype.
Janelle: Did you hear about Shelley's new boyfriend Allen? He dropped out of high-school and lives in a trailer-park with his mom.

Amber: Surprise surprise. Shelley has always been such a Trailer Baby. I'll be surprised if she doesn't show up pregnant in a few weeks.
by KamberLeigh January 18, 2009
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