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An idiot. Generally a fratty kind of person who wears only Lacoste, Polo, Vineyard Vines and New Balance. The name comes from the relative size of their penis.
"Look at that squirrel boner over there trying to get in her pants!"
"He'll never make it. She wants a real man, not a squirrel boner."
by Puchley September 12, 2008
a name used to substitute someone's real name so they don't know you are talking about them. It comes from the vietnamese word for diarrhea (lao sai)
Person 1: Dude did you see what Sai Lao did the other day?
Person 2 (Sai Lao): Who's Sai Lao?
Person 3: Yeah man! What a Dumbass!
Person 2: Who?!?
by Puchley September 12, 2008
a person who is an idiot. Similar to the invective raasclaat.
"Streeter! Why did you crap on my car?"
by Puchley September 12, 2008
A person whom is so irresistible that you are willing to:

1) live in a trailer with said person
2) have copious amounts of babies with said person

and do it for the rest of your life because they're that worth it.
"Jack Johnson is so talented and amazing. He is my trailerbaby."


"You'd have to be high on crack to make George Bush your trailerbaby."
by Puchley March 30, 2008

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