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1. A term used to sarcastically highlight widely recognizable moments in film or television, initially disclosed through trailers, previews, and sneak peeks; which intergrade a cliché context, adhering to stereotypes surrounding genre and target audience. When used, the term embodies a condemnation of Hollywood cinema, the failure to innovate, and a reliance on cinematic clichés as a means attracting, and maintaining the appeal of a broader audience. Examples are often defined as corny; and identified in scenes described with intense action, powerful emotion, witty one-liners, or general “awe”.

Not to be confused with Trailer déjà vu; trailer moments refer to instances actually used in the theatrical trailer, preview, or sneak peek.
The 1997 blockbuster, Titanic.
(Leonardo DiCaprio stands on the railing of the ship's bow, stretches out his arms and yells, "I am king of the world".)

At this time, the viewer would proclaim, “trailer moment!!!”
by Jrskow July 15, 2011
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