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Swiss-based multinational oil/energy company involved in a number of scandals, including the Iraq Oil-for-Food scandal, dumping toxic waste in Cote D'Ivoire, and a toxic chemical explosion in Norway.
Unscrupulous corporate idiots wanted to save money by not having a Dutch company do it for 500,000 euros, so Trafigura hired some Ivorian front company to do it for 18,500, though they knew the whole country had no processing facility. So it got dumped in residential dumps, along roads, and made thousands sick and caused some deaths.

Mad protests result, resignations happen and several executives visiting the site get arrested, but company never admits wrongdoing. But instead of saving 481,500 euros, this socially-unconscious firm ends up paying $198 million for clean-up and $46 million for those affected. Idiots!
#multinational #toxic waste #ivory coast #corporatism #evil
by el_che September 21, 2009
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