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A word that appears unique to Kansas City, used for some semi-major streets. To the best of my analysis, a trafficway appears to be a road that veers from the actual course of where the straight line street should be, e.g., 63rd Street Trafficway, 7th Street Trafficway. I have seen no other city that has a trafficway, and I think it is a very silly word. A freeway exit sign may abbreviate it as TFWY. How on earth would a visitor from another town (which interstate freeways are designed for) have a clue what that means?
Another example in Kansas City is the Southwest Trafficway, which actually lets people park in the right traffic lane during non-rush hour periods. Unbelievable! It was built in about 1948, and the 3 lanes each direction are not wide enough for modern day 3 lanes. Currently with a 35 mph speed limit, I propose reducing the lanes to 2 lanes (and maybe a bike lane), and raising the speed limit to 40 or 45. Same with Ward Parkway.
by andy1 September 23, 2010
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