The act of sitting naked upon the crown of the head of another person.
Our accountant at work went to Thailand and had young Thai boys give her a TRAFFIC CONE...
by little T-mart July 30, 2009
Top Definition
A facetious and arguably derrogatory term for male genetalia seen as small, pink cones in furry pornography. Most commonly drawn by Japanese artists.
This Pokemon thread was good until started to fill up with traffic cones. Damn furries...
by JacobXanth August 10, 2010
A cunning device that diverts traffic from a certain area and, also, serves as headwear for drunken students.
"Shit, I nearly hit a traffic cone, could you get out and see if hes ok."
by sqrrl101 May 31, 2004
When you walk in on your wife having an affair. You immediately challenge the man to a penis duel. The loser gets a reach around while the winner performs a donkey punch.
Nice we totally traffic coned my wife last night
by (>)`-`(>) July 10, 2008
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