The most beautiful girl in Danville, she has no idea how much she is appreciated. Everyone loves her and I wish she knew that. She is the sweetest, prettiest, most perfect girl I know and I wish I could call her my own. I love you Tracy.
Friend - You know Tracy?
Me - Yeah she's beautiful
by Danville Anonymous January 17, 2011
A big deal. Much bigger deal than Chuck.
Who's a bigger deal .. Tracy or Chuck ...

Tracy for sure.
by punkibrew December 06, 2010
A fucking hott chick that loves ecstasy!
Oh damn, you look like a Tracy!! :D
by fuck_yew_bitch March 08, 2009
A covert name for ecstasy.
I'm bringing tracy over for the family to meet.
by PogoTheMadMan May 01, 2008

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