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The act of two women (or persons... blech) inserting opposing ends of a string of anal beads in thier asses while on hands and knees facing away from eachother. They then clench and crawl away from each other with the goal being to pull the beads from the opponents ass... thus winning the tractor pull. Special multi end bead chains can be used for group tractor pulls with 3 or more contestants. As with the original fair ground tractor pull this is best when performed in front of hordes of chearing men.
Dude 1: My old lady lost the tractor pull in the final round this weekend and has been shitting the bed ever since.

Dude 2: That nasty man.

Dude 1: Im not sure if the beads did it or the fact that she had to spend the night with the winners boyfriend.

Dude 2: Naw dude I took it easy on that hole.
by Crazy Larry December 09, 2004
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Where, tractor pulling happens. Much like a truck pull. A motor sport, where the idea is to pull a weight transfer machine, called a sled, as far as possible down a dirt track. The farther down the track the more weight the sled transfers to the skid plate. This makes the sled harder to pull down the track. The more distance, the harder it is to pull it. As the vehicle pulls the sled down the track, the weight moves forward, creating more resistance for the tractor to pull against. Finally at the supreme moment of pull, the weight on the sled is directly over the front end of the sled. This causes enormous friction with the ground, which finally brings the vehicle to a halt, with the distance the vehicle has traveled measured from a point called a starting line to the point at which the front of the sled now rests. Pulling the entire length of the track is considered a full pull. When two or more competitors, in the same class, cross the 300 foot line this results in a pull-off.
Let's go down to the tractor pull later today.
by Swarsfanatic June 01, 2005
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a mix of Monster Energy drink and Whiskey

its called a tractor pull because its green like a john deere and makes you happy and stay up all night, similar to a tractor pull which lasts long into the night
-Hey Jesse you wanna Tractor Pull?
-Hell yea im starting to get tired i need to stay up for a while
by HELLYA2245 October 10, 2009
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Taking an excessively long drink from a bottle of hard liqour - the point being to "out pull" the other drinkers taking turns at the bottle. At least 2 others in the circle have to suggest the puller stop drinking out of concern before the pull officially qualifies as a tractor pull.

Occasionally, the others in the group will stop the tractor pull, before the puller "blows his engine."
"Damn why is Shane so wasted already?!?"

"Dude, you saw those tractor pulls he was doing!!!"

"True - those were some really long pulls!"
by ZeSandMann November 01, 2011
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A homosexual display of "peacocking" in which two homosexual males with Prince Albert piercings stand face to face, attach a chain between the two piercings, and then begin pulling away from each other, putting tension on the chain until one of the men concedes victory to the other, or one of the piercings is ripped out.
"Oh my god, did you hear what happened to Patrick? He had a few too many Rose Water Rickey's last night and lost his foreskin in a late night, drunken tractor pull with Bruce.
by Nuts6288 November 27, 2013
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A synonym for the act of two people engaging in a double sided dildo.
"Hey you ever see 'Requiem for a Dream?'"
"Yeah, doesn't Jennifer Connelly get the tractor pull?"
"Yep, big time tractor pull. Went ass to ass with that other chick."
by RetroRampage October 14, 2013
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While fucking a very large women from behind doggie stlye or standing up you try to pull her around the room. A Full pull is when you are able to blow your load before she falls backwards on top of you
I was yanking that fat pig around the room all night. I swear I could have sold tickets to that Tractor Pull.
by CornHoleCreamPie January 18, 2006
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