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Refers to an individual, usually a hothead, that rambles on about their athletic prowess. Popular among beer-league softball players and former high-school athletes that may or may not have earned a Varsity letter. Easily spotted in a crowd by their glorious mullet.
Zip it Track Jacket! No one is interested!
by Pale Rider May 03, 2007
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A stylish thin coat associated with track and field characterized by a zipper, clean designer lines, long sleeves, usually made from polyester. Trendy track Jackets are usually associated with the youthful sports, trip-hop, lounge, old school hip hop, electronica, graphic design and alternative street scenes. These jackets are not made for extreme temperatures. They run anywhere from 20 to 100 dollars.
Those adidas track jackets with the 3 strips down the arms are awesome!
by eazy-x December 28, 2007

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