Jap car company that began assfucking Detroit in the 1970s as part of its revenge plan for being nuked in WWII. Another part of said plan, enacted within the last five years, is to have Americans buy their fuel-efficient cars, then have them die in car wrecks caused by a deliberate factory defect in the accelerator pedal.
Toyota: Moving Forward...at 94 miles per hour, with the brakes on, over into oncoming traffic...only an 18-wheeler can stop us now.
by your testicles August 15, 2010
A giant of the automobile industry. Known for producing cars that will most likely survive the apocalypse. Parent company of lexus and scion. Once known for producing sporty and relatively inexpensive cars like the celica, celica Supra, MR2, Supra, and Sport 800, Nowadays, they are tacky, bland, and uninspiring wads of dollar-store plastic lined with tinfoil. Lexus carries out the designs for luxury sports cars (IS350, LFA, Aristo/gs300,) Think of Lexus as the brain, toyota as the chest, and scion as the ass.
Jake: What makes Nicki Minaj identical to a toyota corolla?

Mike: No clue

Jake: they both have more plastic in them than a Wal-Mart toy aisle!
by ClAsshole April 23, 2013
One of the many tools of Japan to take over America, possibly even all of Asia. Designs products for hippies that are no longer free birds, primarily for 50 yr old women. Doesn't have the balls to make anything exciting anymore.
I'm a proud American. I have a Toyota for my ride, a Sony TV, Samsung cellphone. Not to mention many fine products made in China, Taiwan, and of course Japan. God Bless America!

by CN-Dawg July 29, 2008
A car that's gas pedal will stick at inopportune times, causing injury, maiming, and death. Formerly known as a good quality car, now associated with pain and suffering, lies about "bad" floor mats, blaming others for own faults.
"I got my recall letter from those liars today. I will not let my daughter drive that Toyota deathtrap again"
by Uncle Jon February 08, 2010
Dull but reliable Japanese Buicks.
Here's a fun game. Drive a silver Toyota Corolla or Camry to a shopping mall, and have a friend move it to a different parking spot. Then try finding it.

Mabye ricers who trick out their family toyotas are on to something. You need altezza style taillights and huge wings just to tell the damned things apart!
by gooberliberation March 18, 2006
Another Japanese-based car manufacturer, who also make long-lasting, efficient cars. Unfortunately, they made the Supra, which is on the tip of every dumb ricer's tongue. SHUT UP AND GET YOUR LICENSE.
by somedude March 25, 2003
Toyota ...

Frequently found clogging most highways in California, and most suburban US hellholes, in that way they are kind of like Zebra Mussels.

The car your dad buys because "that guy you know" owns one.

That annoying little car blocking the center lane rolling 55mph in a 70 ... because 60mpg is just not good enough.

Older Toyotas can be recognized by the motor and frame rolling down the road without the body.

A car no one will ever write songs about.
Q: "Hey have you checked out the newest Toyota?"

A: "Yeah, it was my Taxi on the way here."
by Zentrucker May 11, 2014
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