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2 definitions by CN-Dawg

One of the many tools of Japan to take over America, possibly even all of Asia. Designs products for hippies that are no longer free birds, primarily for 50 yr old women. Doesn't have the balls to make anything exciting anymore.
I'm a proud American. I have a Toyota for my ride, a Sony TV, Samsung cellphone. Not to mention many fine products made in China, Taiwan, and of course Japan. God Bless America!

by CN-Dawg July 29, 2008
Braking and rapidly accelerating your vehicle, usually in a ricer, to break grip and drift. People think that's cool. All it is is figure skating for cars. As worthless as burnouts, but not as entertaining
look at me! I'm drifting.
Slams into something very hard. Car is totaled, driver in critical condition.

by CN-Dawg July 29, 2008