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Hilarious Late night host who some times acts stupid(it's Funny stupid)but really a genius who was his High School's Valedictorion, And graduated Magna Cum Laude From Harvard
Conan Can't be done justice in writing
by Somedude February 21, 2005
A guy with a seriously big cock.
Holy shit, look at that dutch man!
by somedude October 28, 2004
A promising lefty pitcher who got traded by the Mets for some guy who can't throw strikes and has a shitload of arm problems.
5 shutout innings. What do you have to say for yourself Wilpon? Prepared to be cursed by the Curse of Scott Kazmor!
by somedude August 25, 2004
A user at the Yankees message board who would often post anti-USA crap until 57,275 people decides to kill him.

See: commie
His full name is Willie Marx, which could explain why he hates America.
by somedude January 05, 2005
Another Japanese-based car manufacturer, who also make long-lasting, efficient cars. Unfortunately, they made the Supra, which is on the tip of every dumb ricer's tongue. SHUT UP AND GET YOUR LICENSE.
by somedude March 25, 2003
Someone that study alot
Man your such a study horse.
by somedude December 06, 2004
A human dictionary.
"Woah, maxed out timer on FFVII? That Chenzi..."
by SomeDude October 08, 2003

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