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The act of snowboarding on usually flat (no slope) ground while being towed by a snowmobile/atv/car/etc. Towboarding is more than towing into a single jump/grind. Towboarders ride down a stretch of trail and hit different jumps, grinds, and do every other aspect of snowboarding. The strip of land can be any length, have any amount of turns, jumps, grinds, or anything else in it, and any of these aspects put together form a 'line' (very different from line). Towboarding can also be a form a transportation. Extremely similar to wakeboarding.
towboarder 1: "Dude you wanna go towboarding?"
towboarder 2: "Hells yea! I got this bitchin line I just found!"
by Jacob Lester February 16, 2006

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