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Definition 1: a god who walks this earth mearly to bless mortal men with his presence he is most commonly referred to as the god of sex and happiness and is most commonly associated with carisma his narsissism is often beyond comparison and is deserving of such self proclaimed greatness he is most commonly disguised as a mortal man with geniun mortal flaws and imperfections

Definiton 2: Narcissism one usually uses this term in a derrogatory mannor as to imply it is a flaw

Definition 3: A god desguised as a mortal

Definition 4: The Man

Definition 5: A masculine specimen of male perfection
The early egyptions worshipped the immortal man Tosches or Aonne Revvelle believing this man to bring about the sun in the sky and Fertility in men
by daddyyankee54345 January 13, 2009
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