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Toricockis is similar to torticollis, where the neck is tilted to one side while the chin is turned toward the other, however the difference lies in how you got it. Torticockis is caused by an awkwardly angled blow job performed with poor body mechanics and a malpositioned mouth. This is usually associated with fatigue and/or laziness on the part of the "blower". Disclaimer: No fault or blame should be assigned to the receiver of the blow job (the blowee) as studies have shown that his role was not statistically significant and is considered to be purely passive up until climax. Climax does not require a large amount of time, so it would not be a huge factor in the causation of torticockis.
"Looks like you've got torticockis. I bet he really enjoyed last night."
by Aish1217 November 22, 2012

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