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a man by the name of Talha.

-when he walks down the street it is as if he is running.
-when he walks into a room the music stops.
-bull fighters say torro to pay respects to talha.
-when it rains it lands around him, never on him.
-he drives his car but never turns it on.
-when a dog bites him, the dog needs the rabies shot plus tetanus shot for good luck.
-before you call him, he has already left you a voicemail and a txt but never even touched his phone.
-have you seen torro? he is flying by like the red bull with wings but he doesn't even need wings to fly.
-what the torro are you talking about
-may the torro be with us all
-viva torro
by blackhawk47 October 17, 2010
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