tored, t-o'red the emotional state, when a person is unable to decide whether s/he is tired or bored.
I have to do this f**king presentation, I am so tored.

I am so tored, I hangout on facebook the whole day
by Dr.D(PhD) January 22, 2014
to have anal sex repeatedly for hours
-after having anal sex with johnny for 28 hours
johnny-how do you feel ang?
ang-Wow i am so tored.
by Moniqua March 02, 2007
a "jack of all trades" verbal mutant, it can be a noun, verb or an adjective.

refers to anything in it's most extreme form (either good or bad), or anything toxic (i.e. a cigarette, beer or drugs). it can even be an exclamation.
Did you see Greg just puke?

I'm going to the bar. Anybody need a tored?

Did you see that hot piece of ass? She was tored.

Did you see that beast of a women? She was tored.

by Bart February 18, 2004
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