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Short for isotoping
When teens enrich uranium and sell it to foreign nationals.
First discovered by the onion news network's program - beyond the Facts.

1 in 5 teens do this.
Teen 1: Let's enrich uranium, sell it to terrorists and make money.

Teen 2: Hell yeah, i love toping - i get a natural high.

* Terrorist attack*
by Lil fission February 17, 2011
Toping, Short for Isotoping, is the act of illegally enriching uranium, often with the goal of selling it to terrorist countries. It is becoming a teen craze, comparable to drug use, with students bragging to each other about how much nuclear material they "toped" the night before.
Person 1: Hey, you coming to Mike's Toping party tonight?
Person 2: Yeah, it's gonna be awesome - You got any safety goggles? I left mine at Sam's house last week.
by Blobby101 February 26, 2011

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