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1.Synonym of boobasss.
2.A provocative and persuasive cleavage.
3.The result of a strong push-up bra.
4.The exposure of a large amount of boobs overflowing out of a low-cut dress can be compared with an ass showing up.
5.A wonderbrafullofboobs
5.A bitch...
6.A fucksy lady...
"Yo, Coasty, what's up man? Who's that topass I saw yu dancin' with last night at the Private Bitch party?
"Chelsee is her name. She is a man, real name's Billy."
"Yu bitch...!"

At the Private Bitch Party Mr & Mrs Governor showed up.
"Say Coasty, check out that wonderbrafullofboobs we've got here, what a topass! Happy Mr Governor..."
"Yo, (that biiitch iiis not hiiis wiiife!)"
"Holiii shiiit let's call CNN...(Oh my God she iiis so fucksy!)"
by Slangherinthenight April 04, 2008
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