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If you mental retarded you are Topal. Every kind of Mental Illness is called Topal in the Streets of Germany.
This guy is very Topal.
by Capilla April 30, 2007
If you get fucked in your asshole from many guys at the same time you've been TOPAL
Today I TOPAL my girlfriend.

Ceyhun have been TOPALed last week.
by Capilla May 18, 2007
A hazardous substance which react dangerously with knowledge. You shouldn't place it close to books, tv or internet.
Father:Jimmy! I told you to put this Topal not on the Books!
by RMCF June 21, 2007
another word for a backside infection
"oh man, i forget to wash my ass, now it's covered in Topal"
by RMCF January 31, 2008
A thing from another world. The last two letters A - L, like ALien, it's mysterious. It seems it came from the planet Dormagen. However it can't be destroyed. If you see such a Topal, you better run.
Oh my God, it's here! The Topal!! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
by RMCF January 30, 2008
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