The process of pushing flat the tip of an unlit cannabis cigarette or 'joint' so that the edges may be burned away and the twisted tip pulled clear to allow an easy light.
"Let me just top hat this and then you can spark it."
by junglejungle January 19, 2009
A fuckin' awesome item to wear upon one's head. Often used in faux-gothic faggy crap, it is actually very nicely used when in a more gypsy-esque fasion. Many people seem to find them amazing. that's because they are!
"dude! the kid was wearing a coo' tophat!"
"I know! It made him look awesome!"
"cuz tophats are awesome!"
by Furreh hugs June 02, 2009
a hat worn mostly in older times, rarely seen today
"Some fag in the mall I saw today was wearing a top hat"
by Itchi July 10, 2008
Is a term used when a gun is placed under a persons chin, and the blast blows the persons brain out the top of their head.
" you wont be so smart when I make your skull in to a top hat"
by Hdj February 19, 2008
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