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Gay man Vista. The ultimate level of gayness. The most robust form of gayness that FDU can ever produce. Despite popular belief... he is a not a pink man.
When your gayness reaches too high of a level, you are no longer human... You are Tootsie
see airplane (sexual position)
by h.man April 27, 2007
Another word for the human foot. Somewhat of a childish term.
My girlfriend squeals when I tickle her tootsies!
by MACHone Inc. October 06, 2005
A 1980's comedy starring Dustin Hoffman. Quite possibly the funniest and most wonderful comedy of all time.
Yeah...The Graduate was good, but give me Tootsie any day!
by butterboy October 16, 2005
a cute thing to say when u have nothing else to say,if you can say it whilst smiling with dimples and goofy teeth
tom:hey how do you like george bush? ellen:hes tootsies!
by tootsies87 January 06, 2008
A term that refers to when a guy tucks his dick in his ass and it becomes a tootsie (roll)
My dick smells from always doing the tootsie
by The Real Jink April 19, 2006
A quick squeeky fart. similiar sounding to a queef.
yo man did u hear that tootsie i just squeeked out?!
by john hollywood March 14, 2005
To be both fat and gay
That Kyle Wathey gay is so tootsie!
by Wathdog December 06, 2004