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An uptight, self-confident douchebag who wears a silly little headphone in his ear to show everyone that he's too important to use his hands while calling.
You know the type. Bluetooth motherfuckers.
It sounds like they're talking to you every time you walk by. So you turn, start talking, and then look like an asshole for trying to initiate conversation with a stranger.
Fuck these guys.

(or girls...)
"Dude, look at that toothbag over there. Wearing crocs... buying starbucks... talking to the fucking WALLLL! FUCK THAT GUY!"
by Brian Mg. September 28, 2007
A person who constantly talks on their bluetooth headset in public. Thus, annoying anyone within hearing distance.
I really wish someone would have hit that tooth bag.
by brainpowerintheshower6969 May 29, 2010
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