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When a person knowingly talks good about their selves in front of people to show off or look like the better person. This is followed by someone saying "Toot Toot" and gesturing with their arm in a downward motion as if the arrogant talker is tooting their own horn.
Oscar: Hey Jason, would you like to play a friendly game of Ping Pong?

Jason: Oh hell yeah dude! I'm so bad ass at Ping Pong, I used to be on a professional team and travel all over the world for tournaments. get ready to get you ass handed to you!

Oscar: Toot Toot ( arm moving up and down like you're trying to get a semi truck to honk the horn )
by MoparOscar December 08, 2009
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Girlfriend in Cajun slang, equivalent of "baby".
From a popular song:

"Don't mess with my toot toot,
Don't mess with my toot toot,
You can have the other woman,
But don't mess with my toot toot"

by Fred X. Sanford December 26, 2006
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1. Say this when you are having a good (heavy) time
2. Say this when you have drunk a lot of alcohol
(Jumping on the "good time" train)
You are asked
"Are you having good time?"
"Are you Drunk?"
You reply
(in a high tone voice and with your arm in a chain pulling motion above you head)
by Friggin Idiot September 07, 2005
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Anyone fancy a cheeky line of the old toot toot?
by bobby wafro July 08, 2009
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Means heavy
Your mum lets your girl sleep over and u say Toot Toot
by Bart November 22, 2003
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