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Process of annoying and or irritating a person or persons.
Commonly used in internet gaming where consequences rarely apply as in RL. Originally created through using exploits on the game Counter-Strike including team killing, blocking people, insulting, clicky clicky (Emptying a weapon of all ammunition and repeatedly tapping fire)and other such annoyances (too many to list). Tooly is constantly evolving and varies from game to game depending on limitations.
"Let's do some tooly"
"I was tooled"
"Lol we tooled him nicely"
"I just don't find tooly funny that's all"
"FFS Stop blocking me!"
by Barry Ecclescake December 22, 2005
Background: Every year in Australia at the end of the final exam period thousands of high school students fly to the Gold Coast for Schoolies week celebrations.

Toolies are essentially pathetic dirty bastards who deliberately holiday on the Gold Coast during this time trying to pass themselves off as Schoolies in order to hit on and sleep with drunk teenagers. Toolies have developed into something of a sub-culture, with thousands of experienced Toolies now making the Gold Coast trip a part of their yearly routine. Toolies have an inability to get laid by anyone other than half-conscious teens. No self-respect, part pedophile, all Toolies.
Schoolie: Hey check out that 30 year old pretending to be a Schoolie, what a desperate fag.

Toolie: Hello, how are you?

Schoolie: Go back to your Toolies friends, wanker.
by Neil K November 19, 2007
a gun, pistol, heat, toast, etc.
To old school cats that call gats toolies
Call blacks moolies, think it's cool to smoke woolies
by Unce March 21, 2006
an older man pretending 2 b on schoolies(end of yr vacation 4 kidz who finsh crack onto drunk chicks.
he's a really carefull DO NOT GET DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by lena November 26, 2004
The boonies; Bumfuck Egypt; the middle of nowhere. From "tules" a type of wetland in Central California.
We were looking for this motel. Got lost way the hell out in the toolies.
by cornholio October 13, 2003
The adjective used to describe a tool, someone who no one likes but people still use him/her for stuff such as lifts and money.
Callum was being tooly
by Jammydod9er January 10, 2015
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