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A derivation of Rocking Out, Tooling Out is when the subject puts in one of Tool's CDs (ÆNIMA, LATERALUS, OPIATE, UNDERTOW, 10,000 DAYS, or any of various mixes) or plays from iPod or other MP3 Player and turns up the music as loud as it will go. The side-effects vary from person to person, however the most common is a sense of deep content and/or intense headbanging.
Guy 1: Hey man, want to go party?
Guy 2: Naw, I'd rather stay home and Tool Out.

Guy 1: Did you hear about the new Tool Album?
Guy 2: No... when was it released?
Guy 1: Two weeks ago.. I've been Tooling Out ever since!
by {Sno} May 15, 2006
A person that is drunk and that is incapable of handling his or her's own alcohol consumption. This may manifest itself in belligerency, throwing up, or ruining a party for others. And other wise, being a fuck up.
Wilson Makaio is "tooling out" in the bathroom. She is throwing everywhere. She couldn't handle her own alcohol consumption.
by AAAA February 09, 2012
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