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One who spends all their time on the intra-webs. Looks like a slug. Is warm and slightly sticky, leaving a trail of sweat and goo behind wherever it roams.

Enjoys going onto chatrooms. Will spend most of its days playing WoW and talking about new or upcoming additions. Constantly blams WoW's new shit, even though they don't charge for it.

A Toob Whore also enjoys saying "k", "what?", and "ah"/"wtf?" or "..." instead of making real conversation, as they cannot, physically, keep up any existing conversation. Sometimes, when they're REALLY excited, they say "inorite?". When asked a question, they will ALWAYS, and believe me, ALWAYS use "dunno", for they cannot actually summon the energy to think, as they are to lazy asking somebody else to pass them the Oreos.

Often use emoticons, as their facial muscles have become weak and flabby, much like their arms, after years of sitting in front of a screen in a darkened room. Common emoticons include, but are not limited to:

:/, >-<, >_<, o.O, O.o, o_O, o-O, :p, XP, etc.

However, if you get angry at a Toob Whore, they will not get angry back, as they a) do not have the energy, b) do not have the courage, c) care, and d) have more than two braincells to rub together in the first place. Also, they don't want to loose their real-world friend, who is the only thing keeping them from being demoted to "loser" status.
orynx1213: i really hate this chick. she pisses me off so much.
toobwhore1337: k
orynx1213: don't you care?
toobwhore1337: no

phanmann45: so, like, did you hear that new kanye west track?
toobwhore1337: :P
phanman45: ? i thought you loved kanye west??
toobwhore1337: i do.
phanman45: then why ":P"?
toobwhore1337: dunno.

Ben: Kody is such a Toob Whore.
Ryan: What's a Toob Whore?
Ben: Look it up on Urban Dictionary.
by fubsish September 13, 2009

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