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Someone who feels they are above everyone for not joining facebook or someone who is afraid their drunken debauchery will be caught by a college and ruin their life. Can also be used to describe that one friend who hasn't updated their facebook status in over a month to give the appearance of being "oh so busy and popular" despite facebook stalking random girls he requested daily.
Nick: hey broski get a facebook so you can see all the chicks commenting on how hot you were in the football game
Myer: my ego won't let me get a facebook, its telling me I'm way too cool for it
Nick: cool. *he's too cool for facebook I wish my ego was that big*
by CTU_FieldAgent200 June 21, 2010
People who think they are above joining facebook or believe they have better things to do that go on facebook.
Mark: Hey Bill you the only one from from our graduaitng class without a facebook?

Bill: I guess, I'm too cool for facebook

Mark: Whatever...loser
by top rat April 11, 2010
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