two unique people who are wayy cooler than other people. and those people are hannah and laura
they are just too cool
by elkayyy December 09, 2007
Top Definition
when one is not willing to sit with another at the lunch table. See:katy pom pom
Katy Pom Pom is too cool for me.
by Brett Thompson February 13, 2005
Being, Toocool. When you are being extremely cool and just cannot help it.
Damn I am just Toocool.
by Stickyhippie June 04, 2007
This meaning is implied when you make the victory/peace sign, followed by cupping your index and thumb in the shape of a letter 'C'.

Instead of saying something is good, awesome, excellent etc...use the too cool sign to express your feelings nonverbally.
When the girl in the car next to me lifted up her shirt to expose her mommy baggies, I quickly gave her the V C symbol to express my pleasure and how cool she was.
by DeeJay December 12, 2003
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