A man who has truely fucked England. A man who comes under many deffinitions like wanker and puppet. A man who has a bunch of loyal idiots who keep voting him into power these people come under two deffinitions fuckwit and halfwit
1. I cant believe what that wanker has done to this country
by alex ssssssssssssssss June 17, 2005
Prime Minister of Britain who turned his country from a world power into a vassal of the United States.
by Anonymous March 05, 2003
see cunt

Total liar.
weapons of mass destruction? The EU doesn't erode our national governments? There is no asylum problem? The NHS is getting better?
by Arron Clements April 05, 2005
The worst prime minister the Uk has ever seen. Stripping people of their rights by banning smoking, turned the world's best country into Bush's lapdog, and trying to turn us into a cesspit 4 asylum seekers, and a society of drones with no rights- just servants of the fascist labour party.
Hey- he screwed up immigration, pensions,the railways, wants us all 2quit smoking and not let clever people maximise their potential by tuition fees but still, hes freed the iraqi people so we can rob their oil!
by JamieC90 November 30, 2004
complete twat, had ruined britain with his twisted form of dictatorship.
naff off tony blair, lets get maggy back to guide our country back in the right direction!
by thetruth July 22, 2004
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