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One of the best Prime Ministers Britain have ever had. Full of honesty and integrity. Always does what he believes is right for Britain. Unfortunately, the media have got many people believing that he is a liar, even though the Hutton Inquiry and 3 other inquiries have proved this to be wrong. Heads have rolled within the media due to this lie, including Greg Dyke of the BBC. Yet it still happens.
I think Tony Blair is a liar because I read it in the paper and saw it on the BBC
by [Ŵå¥ň€]™ May 25, 2005
46 154
Governor of the 51st State of the USA
by Alien Entity September 22, 2002
2442 609
George Bush's sex slave.
George : Suck me.
Blair : Okey-dokey!
by mailer_diablo October 10, 2004
2004 426
A man who is a disgrace to his country, to his party, and to democracy itself.

A man who if he had any kind decency, would resign and stop dragging his country into the international gutter.

A man whose ego knows no bounds, and whose arrogance has no end.

A man who must be stopped.
Iraqi can bomb Britian within 45 minutes. No wait, they can't.
by fingers October 15, 2003
1455 470
George Dubya's monkey boy.
Blair: What're we going to do tonight, George?

Bush: The same thing we do every night, Tony- TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!
by Zach G. September 14, 2004
1140 266
A master of inconsequence masquerading as a guru, passing off his vast limitations as pious virtues
Tony Blair is a cunt, with small genitals
by Cherie Blair March 13, 2004
848 272
A sorry excuse for a Prime Minister. Not in my name Mr Blair, not in my name.

See puppet
I don't give a damn about my country or the well being of other people. Oh well, I guess I'll vote for Blair then.
by Kraftwerk101 September 11, 2004
809 250
Officialy done more damage than marge thatcher.
Tony blair is a ponce at the very best.
by Biafra J August 29, 2004
802 324