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Tony blair iz a bellend
yes he is
by ok February 11, 2004
The worst PM Britain has ever seen and lapdog to George W Bush and wife of Gordon Brown. You can't spell the word 'Liar' without him. He's ruined this great country.

Tony Blair is a loner who nobody likes anymore.
by Jimmy April 25, 2005
A common misspelling of the name of the British prime minister, 'Tony B. Liar' who, amongst other things, likes his coffee black.
Tony's one liners: There are WOMD in Iraq!
We didn't fix the Hutton report!
Michael Barrymore isn't a homosexual rapist!
by Jimbo July 21, 2004
To take credit for something you had no part in, and basking in the fraudulant glory.
Dan Luger is just Tony Blairing about his role in the Rugby World Cup Final.
by OD Smith December 22, 2003
Grinning, self-promoting, hand-wringing glove puppet of George 'Dubya' Bush. Dragged our country into a needless war on no evidence and made the rest of the world hate us. Surrounded by a protective ring of suck-ups and lackeys who get given plum jobs when they mess up whatever job they were meant to be doing. For some reason won the General Election in 2001 to serve a second term in office. Tony Blair MP is an anagram of 'I'm Tory Plan B'.
Our hospitals don't have enough beds. British citizens are having to travel abroad for routine surgery. MRSA is rife because hospitals can no longer afford cleaners to clean wards properly. Our schools don't have enough reading books. Some children are in classes of 40 or more. Teachers are leaving their jobs in droves. Unemployment figures are misleading because there are plenty of temporary jobs around, but they pay peanuts and offer no security. Yob culture is on the increase and no-one seems to care about what happens to the elderly. People who have worked hard all their lives are now finding that they are being denied a pension that is rightfully theirs. How much have we spent on going to war?
by Unhappy bunny October 16, 2004
Sell Out
Ignoring the masses in favour of multinational coroporations.
by FACTORY COMMUNICATIONS September 24, 2003
The prime minister of Britian. Also a complete arsewipe. He really doesnt have a clue on how to run a country. Hes just sucks up to what ever the united states wants to do, and then lies to his own people. He doesn't listern to what we really want, and when he fucks up he just trys to cover it up.

And i doubt very much that he will be prime mister in a few years if he carrys on the way hes going now.
Whos tony Blair?
Hes just some arsehole.
by !Alex! August 31, 2003