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Guys with the name Tonmoy are usually known for their quest for knowledge. This never-satisfying hunger differenciates them from the rest of the pack. The name also means being awesome in bed and satisfying his partner to the brim.
Man! That guy's such a Tonmoy! I envy his girlfriends......
by Antula November 12, 2010
a thinker, a philosopher, a person that gives good advise.
I became a tonmoy after reading that philosophy book.
by sharh ruk February 03, 2010
A.K.A. Nadim, Nads, N-Dizzle, Nadeem Safari, Tommy, Tommoy, Tomnoy,

Voice goes extremely high when he gets mad or exciting about anything. Hes pretty good at pingpong though. He once had a lot of hair that was spiked like crazy at the front. Now its short.

Hes smart sometimes, and retarded sometimes. hes wierd guy

Youll know him if you live in North Carolina or as some say North London
You: "Sup Tommoy,"

Tonmoy: "Man!"
by UrbanDicionaryMan10109 May 03, 2006
From Bangladeshi Tongue Meaning Washing Machine

Derived From The Name: Tonmoyya: To Wash & Clean Thoroughly
"yeah my old tonmoy broke, i need a one for all my new clothes"
by CashRulezTheStreetz January 04, 2009

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